The New Dynamic Duo 

What’s Up everyone!!! There’s alot up with M.E. Music these days. After jumping back in the music water head long, the plate has become full real fast! We’re yet moving forward on the new independent project, “In The Q” with the first oficial single, “Again”, a duet to be released featuring a young, bright new artist, Ms  Shelby Oliver Denton, and a new calaberation  coming together for  music exclusively made to be placed on . This calaberation  will be with Mr Waymon “Bullet” Griffin and myself, Michael Egleton. We will be doing 3 songs, which will also be produced by Mr Griffin, tto be placed exclusively at  Stay tuned to see whats coming! It will be anew flavor of sound.

A little about Mr Griffin. “Bullet”, as he’s known around town, is amusician, artist, producer extraordinaire.  He has written for many. His music has been sought after by a few stars in the industry. An unassuming, humble young man, he has abilities and an ear for the extra special which is unique. You can listen to his music on  and to hear what he’s bringing to the table. He’s currently with, Taila/Music/Publishing and has released independent music under his publishing company. Located in Akron, Ohio, he’s another one of Akron’s best kept secrets. He’s worked with the famous, Al Greene,  The Dazz Band,  Head Producer and Engineer at Dove Recording, opened for the electric Mr George Clinton and many more. He’s quite capable and I’m super excited to to be working with him.

The 3 song are yet in the inception mode but will be coming down the pipe real soon! As you see, when the machine begans to spit, it’s going to be like the “winner” sign in LasVegas! So stay tuned, listen to music by Waymon “Bullet” Griffin at and and tell him what you think in a comment, a like and a share. As always, join me at http://WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM and  It’s Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music from my ❤.
M. E.