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SITUATIONS…. Listen for yours…

Hello Everyone,

It’s my pleasure to have finally released the first cut from the new independent project from Michael Egleton Music, In The Q, Situations. This project and song has been long awaited in it’s coming with an excited release on today.

Mr Jeff M Writes, Editor and Chief of Odd Nugget Music Magazine describes this song to a tee as to what his ears heard in this musical critique of this song. If you read his article then listen to the song, you’ll appreciate fully what he was writing after listening to Situations. This song was produced by Michael Egleton for Michael Egleton Music and his new independent project, In The Q coming for 2018.

Creating this project has been a labor of love for Michael Egleton. Written during one of the most difficult years of his life, Egleton persevered onward during the production of this project. Through many very bad times of hurt, loss, pain and some very dark times. Times so dark Egleton had decided to quit music all together. He figured whats the use but is was the music that saved him and brought him back to a whole new level of writing from an even deeper place of his soul and Soul. After hearing Situations you can’t help but anticipate whats to come with this project.

Michael asks that you the listener, give this song one opportunity to marinate your ears and mind. See what parts of your life may be in this song. Situations, how many of us quite often find ourselves in one? Whether it’s love, hate or just somewhere in the middle remember, it’s just a Situation.


Power Music and Promotions USA/UK Taps Soulful Jazz Artist Michael Egleton



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Power Music and Promotions USA/UK Taps Soulful Jazz artist Michael Egleton

Wednesday, Jun 28 @ 1:06 PM

Hello everyone and it’s always great to be writing to you about the great things going on with M. E. Music. This has been a busy few months and it’s getting even busier. We’re happy to announce our partnership with Power Music & Promotions USA/UK. We are elated and very excited about our futures and what’s to come with their addition. They have hit the ground running and there is much being developed right away. There is a tour in the works for fall/winter that has been announced called the ABSOULUTE TOUR which will cover the east coast and interior locations such as Detroit, Philly, Chicago and more cities. Photo shoots and videos are also on the table. They have stirred the bucket real good!

Power Music & Promotion is a team of qualified professionals that spans four continents and is headed up by Ms and soon to be Dr Constance Quiley and Mr Rupert Cheek, head of Cheeky promotions, UK. These to business heads have extensive experience throughout the digital, 

analytical,  entertainment and secular business spectrum. Their partners who help in this great undertaking are also as qualified in the entertainment field and this list is also very extensive. They’re  excited to be using all their resources to further M. E. Music and launch it through the atmosphere. 

This piece completes the already exciting team working towards the success of the Soulful, Jazz artist, Michael Egleton.  You’ll began to see their foot print across the web pushing Michael and his music everywhere across the web. They are teamed with Blue-Artists,  and Ms Kim Giles at  Independent Artists Services. This is a mix for success.

The “In The  Q” Independent project is yet moving ahead with addition of a new 3 song independent  project that will be launched exclusively on and produced by the talented, Mr Waymon “Bullet” Griffin of Talla Music. You can hear his work and read his extensive industry background at  He’s worked with many big names in the industry and Las Vegas circuit  Here are just a few of his accomplishments. He has worked with The Dazz Band and was featured on their hit, “No Parking On the Dance Floor” and played and sang on other hits from the Dazz Band like,  “Joystick”, “Let It Whip” and “Disco Dazz”. He’s played with,  George Clinton,  Skip Martin,  the famous Drifters, Barrington Henderson of the Temptations and many more. So as you can imagine this will be super!  This endeavor is under way and has been an experience thus far.

There are other items coming online that be revealed in the near future so stay tuned! 

The New Dynamic Duo 

What’s Up everyone!!! There’s alot up with M.E. Music these days. After jumping back in the music water head long, the plate has become full real fast! We’re yet moving forward on the new independent project, “In The Q” with the first oficial single, “Again”, a duet to be released featuring a young, bright new artist, Ms  Shelby Oliver Denton, and a new calaberation  coming together for  music exclusively made to be placed on . This calaberation  will be with Mr Waymon “Bullet” Griffin and myself, Michael Egleton. We will be doing 3 songs, which will also be produced by Mr Griffin, tto be placed exclusively at  Stay tuned to see whats coming! It will be anew flavor of sound.

A little about Mr Griffin. “Bullet”, as he’s known around town, is amusician, artist, producer extraordinaire.  He has written for many. His music has been sought after by a few stars in the industry. An unassuming, humble young man, he has abilities and an ear for the extra special which is unique. You can listen to his music on  and to hear what he’s bringing to the table. He’s currently with, Taila/Music/Publishing and has released independent music under his publishing company. Located in Akron, Ohio, he’s another one of Akron’s best kept secrets. He’s worked with the famous, Al Greene,  The Dazz Band,  Head Producer and Engineer at Dove Recording, opened for the electric Mr George Clinton and many more. He’s quite capable and I’m super excited to to be working with him.

The 3 song are yet in the inception mode but will be coming down the pipe real soon! As you see, when the machine begans to spit, it’s going to be like the “winner” sign in LasVegas! So stay tuned, listen to music by Waymon “Bullet” Griffin at and and tell him what you think in a comment, a like and a share. As always, join me at http://WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM and  It’s Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music from my ❤.
M. E.

Inspiration From A Turn Table

I’m back with something from history. I was looking for a little writing inspiration so I broke out my old turn table and dug out some old 45’s I’ve collected over the years and I got lost in time. Some 45’s were as far back as the 60’s with labels and artist names many of the younger crowd wouldn’t recognize like Rene & Angela singing, “Save Your Love” (Part 1) with early Mercury Records, “Going To the Go Go”, Smokey & the Miracles with the Tamala label or Brenda George, “I’m Not Trying To Make You Pay” with Gator Records! WOW! More labels like Hi Records, Deram Records, Soul Records, the Duke Label, Back Beat and O.V. Wright, Josie Records…. Anyone Remember back then?

Oh there were more labels like Apple of which I believe the Beatles recorded with. Then there was Staxx Records and Mr Jonny Taylor singing ” Who’s Making Love”, Gordy Records and the Temptations, “Run Away Child Running Wild”,  Bell & James with “Shake Down” and A&M Records. Anything ringing a bell yet?  Then how about Tenison Stephens and “Baby I’m A Fool For You” with the Aries Record Label. I had many more like Atlantic Records, Sound Stage Records, Hot Wax Records, SHOUT Records and Mr Freddy Scott “Cry To Me”. Any of you Gospel listeners remember Celestial Records?  Here’s one that’s sure to work your mind, “Bad Bill of Goods” by The Glass House and Invictor Records.

I can’t help but to wonder what may have happened to labels like this putting out such great music. Was is it bad management, stiffer competition, marketing, change in times and/or music or all of the above?  Muddy Waters and Chess Records, “I’m Still A Fool”… I’m looking through my 45’s just playing them randomly trying to figure it out. Such great music that made your imagination go crazy while your body moved. 

Here’s one Stang Records and The Moments singing “Love On A Two Way Street”. I loooooooooved this song as  young boy and would cry when I’d hear it on AM radio! I still don’t know why! It just made me sad I guess. Remember, I was a boy of about 9 or 10 years old. Sunday nights after church,  of course,  I’d turn WAKR on the AM dial and the “Papa Soul Hour” while I was in bed going to sleep. The song affected me as a YOUNG boy….. I wonder how would a song like this reach a young boy or girl of today? Would it touch them like it touched me? Well I could go on because I have  pile of 45’s i’m fishing through. Not looking or anything particular but just pulling one at a time out,  allowing my memory to refresh as  I listen. What was I doing? Where was I at? What were the times. Good music will do that to you. I even remember the artist  I made my first child to some 38 years ago! Good music will do that. Its was Barry White!  I do know a big chunk of this music was during the Vietnam era. I didn’t tell my age did I?  lol Well I believe you get what I’m saying. Go dig up some old 45’s and see what it does for you.
Talk Soon

M. E.

A Peek Into The New 2017 Independent  Project From Michael Egleton

Hello Everyone and I hope your 2017 is starting out with a BANG as mine is!!! There are many things in the pipe for 2017 we the M. E. Team, Blue-Artists, Talentear the publsists and the band. Some of the things are plans for 10 market tour with Indie On The Move, the new independent project for 2017, magazine features, and radio features that has already begun with TRL Magazine and The Jazz Funk and Soul Radio Show in the UK, and my friends over at Radio Indie Internation and my great friend, Angelo in Italy,  photo shoots, videos and more. I have placed a preview at one of my music sites that has also reached the social pages. You can preview it here, a taste of what’s coming new for 2017 “Preview 2017, Let’s Dance feat Bob Esterle” by Michael Egleton – Just tap the link!!!😀 The team and I want to hear what you think in a comment at http://WWW.MICHAELEGLETON. COM! Be one of the first to review this clip at my web site. We’re keeping up and plan something special for your time. Many thanks for your support over the years. It’s Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music of the ❤! Be sure to visit my music home and leave a review or comment. We’re listening to your ears this time around!

Much Luv and I’ll be Looking to hear from you!

M. E.

2014 Ohio Music Awards

Hello my friends, fans and wellwishers! 🙂 I’m yet pinching myself over my recent win with the Ohio Music Awards! This one is extra special. Not only is my first music award ever, but it comes from my home state! Thank You Ohio Music Awards. This is a sneak peek at the award you will see me photographed with in a few days. If you look to your right you’ll see Best Adult Contemporary, A Look Into My Heart, Michael Egleton. Please folow me at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM to stay current on the latest news and events. There’s alot coming down the pipe this month and next! 🙂

2014 Ohio Music Award for, A Look Into My Heart from Michael Egleton,  produced by Wes McCraw and Samuel Haygood.

2014 Ohio Music Award for, A Look Into My Heart from Michael Egleton, produced by Wes McCraw and Samuel Haygood.

New Release from Michael Egleton A Look Into My Heart

Hello everyone! 🙂 It’s been a long time since I have posted here at Word Press! I’d like to say many new things have happened and are happening. One, I’m now with the award winning Branding firm, Blue-Artists Branding Firm, Washington DC. The great CEO there is Mr. Pierre Walters, an award winning and BET nominated movie director has been great in developing my music Brand along with the very capable co-workers. Then there is my new release which I am so excited about, A Look Into My Heart. It’s produced by Mr. Wes McCraw, Creekside Audio, Norton, Ohio and Mr. Samuel Haygood, N-DA-Groove Productions, Atlanta, GA. What has excited me the most has been it’s acceptance into the IMA Music Awards and the Ohio Music Awards. When I got the news, it blew my mind. This is an independent release. I was Blessed also to perform at the Blaze Indie Urban Upscale Party in Beverly Hills, CA this past November. I was so glad to be there with Ms. LaShaune Turner and  radio personality, Big Sean. There was also another radio station in the house also. DARADIOSHOW at 1580 AM and radio host DunDee. Then there are the many news releases, music reviews and articles from sources like CNN i-report, NBC, ABC, and CBS station affiliates, SCOPE Music Magazine, Soul Central Music Magazine and TV in London, England, Jazz Times, Endee Magazine, Rock Thiz Music Magazine and so many more places like Muzic Notez who did a 3 edition interview with me. The project is making it’s own pathway throughout the industry. It has received great reviews from industry insiders too! It’s a project that deals with relationships and the ebbs and flows one might have. It also deals with real life situation. There was recently a press release done connecting the song from this project, It’s Over (the remix) to the abuses in today’s new head lines. Last but not least, the new web site is great! Visit me at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM to learn more about the new project and to keep up with the latest news and events. The you will also see interviews and music videos. I hope to see ya there. Until next time, Handle ya business!

Michael Egleton Performing At Sweet Auburn Festival


The Sweet Auburn Festival   [remove]

Hello to my fans, new fans, friends and well wishers! I’m happy to report that I have been invited back to perform at the Sweet Auburn Festival Fall Edition and the Sweet Auburn 30th Anniversary Spring Edition ! I’m so grateful to my fans there in Atlanta, GA and the organizers of this great event. It’s one of the oldest and largest festivals in Georgia! This past festival they estimated 330,000 people came through the gates over the weekend! Thank you to the great people of Atlanta for having me and my music and thank you to my fans everywhere. I also have a big performance update for November coming soon! You can catch my interview with Mr. Rodney Harris and The Akron Today Show at this link, Also much luv to my new camp, Blue-Artists. Ok that’s all for now! Stay tuned for more big announcements in the near future!

Michael Egleton